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Worried about those significant people becoming a part of your world?

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A comprehensive background investigation check is the most useful and common service we are contracted to conduct for our clients. Whether it belongs to your private affairs, an employee check for your organisation or any other individual entering your personal world being a business or personal relationship, we are there to assist all your concerns with the most comprehensive background investigation check available.

Domains, We Serve
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Employee Background Investigation Check

Under this category, we take into account the background checks relative to employment suitability and any other professional need including police checks, references, court data, bankruptcy and more. We also spread our services in the domains of self checks, hospital and healthcare, staffing, volunteer organisation's check, employee screening, contractor and vendor screening, management and executive screening and several other mandate background checks.

Personal/Private Background Investigation Check

Our personal and private investigation check is for all those seeking a background investigation check in personal matters where you would like to confirm specific information about a persons without them knowing. Its vital in knowing in today's society who you are getting to know.

  • Online dating scams, are they who they say they are?
  • Has your partner told you the truth about who they are?
  • Make sure they don't have a criminal history or shady past.

Types of Background Checks, We Perform

Flourishing as the most recognized brand name with operating centers in Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland, we have spread our network coverage throughout Australia.-

  • Criminal records check
  • Address verification (Locate persons of interest)
  • Identity verification
  • Education verification
  • Working with children check
  • Reference check
  • Property records
  • Death, need to know if a family member has passed?
  • Property and company extract searches
  • Bankruptcy and Judgement Checks, court searches

Why choose us?

When in need of help, people often tend to take a hasty decision and fall in the wrong hand, with us: this isn’t the case. Offering the most validated results from the largest access to data bases we offer everything sustainable as per the client’s needs.
  • Our data sources contains huge number of records, far more than other companies provide.
  • With a comprehensive setup spread across the country, we have a perfect connectivity to cross verify the existence of such individuals and data matching records via meta data and open source internet investigative techniques.
  • Open and closed source meta data and internet investigation techniques are high in demand. We all leave a digital footprint behind regardless if you want it or not, we are trained to search code, gather intelligence and deliver the results to you.
  • Our services, training and equipment is far superior to any other competitor in the market, hence we are the best.
  • Our experts have comprehensive experience in background investigation checks and background internet.

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