Can Private Investigators Hack Into Phones?

Can a Private Investigator Hack Into a Phone?

Yes, private investigators can if they have the right training. I guess the real question that most people want an answer to is:

“Can private investigators legally hack into phones?”

The answer is no.

The word hack directly relating towards phones means:

To: illegally intercept another person’s phone calls or messages, especially by listening to their voicemail without their knowledge or consent. This meaning is based on one submitted to the Open Dictionary from United Kingdom on 26/06/2014.

It’s important to understand that Australian laws can differ between each state due to legislation. Here are some of the most important examples of some ACTS:

If you are an independent person or a private investigator these ACTS are important to read.

1. Surveillance Devices Act 2008 (NSW)

2. Telecommunications & Other Legislation Amendment Act 2017

3. Privacy Act 1988

I have been in involved with Private investigation services across Australia since the mid 90’S. Our main areas we cover:

  • Private Investigator Sydney
  • Private Investigator Queensland
  • Forensic and bug detection in Melbourne

Since 1996 technology has changed. Private Investigators are searching for easier ways to help clients though believe if they sell the software that can intercept calls, sms and locations that they are helping solve a case.

It is important to know that the software is legal to purchase though to install the software without consent is illegal and the above law in section 1 identifies that.

You will notice that the companies online that sell this software will not install it themselves and have you to do it.

Why do you think this is the case?

The act stipulates “to install” or “educate” how to install a data, tracking or listening device is illegal, so the responsibility remains with you.

Another interesting point is, many businesses that sell the product state it’s untraceable. How is that true?

Depending on the type of phone hack will determine how the intercept works though in this blog we are mainly covering software hacks as they are the most common.

For you to listen to the calls or see the sms, the phone itself must send the data to a point of interest for you to view, leaving a trace.

Software code is usually hidden on the mobile phone or in the cloud provider. This software is identifiable with a forensic investigation. Malware experts can read the software code and tell you exactly what is happening.

There are many of ways to gather forensic evidence that your phone has been hacked. If your thinking about hacking someone else’s phone, re-think it !

Please be aware that there are other legal ways to gather information your after without breaching the law.

It is important to be aware that if your phone is hacked, call us from a clean phone. Our investigation specialist can assist you alleviate this breach of privacy and protect you.

Our team of private investigators will supply you with a factual report that can be used in a court of law.

Call Luke on 1300 738 400 and grab your free 15 minute consult. Heart breakers, licensed private investigators.

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