How to choose the right private investigator for your investigation?


I thought I would document some great tips on how to choose a private investigator before making your final decision. After all there are so many private investigation business’s in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland, so how do I consider the right private investigator for me?

Is the cheapest private investigator the best based on price alone?

In the private investigation industry, the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best, let’s think about it. How could a private investigator operate a business including all their specialized equipment, continued training and access to their data bases for $40-$70 per hour? It’s not viable.

A quality trained private investigator can obtain triple the amount of information in less than half the amount of time spent on other less trained private investigators, food for thought!

Generally in this business: “You get what you pay for”

Operating a business in today’s environment is expensive and so is the training, not having an office and working from home could save you money on the hourly rate you are charged though if an issue arises with your agreement, how do you resolve this issue when you don’t know where the company operates or who the person is?

Here are the top 10 tips you should consider before hiring a private investigator.

  1. Check ASIC website and verify the business is current and registered, free link listed below:

  1. Make sure you know who you are talking to, their first name and surname, place this information into Google prior to searching the business name.
  1. Check the master licence is current and registered. This can be obtained from: (In Sydney).

  1. Does the investigator have verifiable evidence on past jobs that can be researched and found on the internet?
  1. Ask questions and do your research, can they answer your questions required and if they can’t do they have a specialist that can?
  1. Do they offer services that breach privacy laws? If they don’t respect the law why would they respect you and keep your information private?
  1. Do they have a registered office or just a PO BOX ?
  1. Check the comcourts website and check against personal name and company/business. Link below

  1. Clearly identifies his/her fees and charges?
  1. Referrals and good character reference is a last option though generally, if all the above has been answered this may not be necessary for a private job, though more for corporate environments .

I hope this helps and we are happy to take any questions you may have or feel free to call us on 1300 738 400 or go to our landing page on


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