Forensic Investigation Service

Offering some of the best and well versed services in the private investigations industry for digital forensic investigations

We take pride in offering our forensic investigation service in Sydney, we regularly perform investigations across many regulators including individuals looking to recover deleted data from the phone or computer to assisting in family law proceedings to gather the evidence required for court. Apart from performing required forensic assistance in cases of fraud, thefts and corruption based investigations, we spread our forensic data investigation services into the related domains:
  • Internet Intelligence
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Data recovery
  • Providing evidence against false accusations.
  • Past location evidence (Proving you were somewhere at a specific time)
  • Historic web browsing, password recovery and GPS information.
  • Identity theft investigations
  • Forensic recoveries (court recognized)
  • Forensic investigation for missing person investigations
  • Asset tracing
  • Computer Forensics
  • Mobile phone forensics
  • Portable electronic investigations
  • Forensic sms recovery and call logs
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Private Sector engagement- how can we help?

Do you have a partner that is cheating on you and is displaying signs of suspicious behaviour? Would you like to know why things have changed in your relationship and your partner isn't communicating with you? Would you like a confidential peace of mind partner investigation check so you can have direction back in your life? Do you want stability in your relationship? All the above can be solved via a forensic investigation service. Deleted sms, call history, emails, photos can be recovered, Tracking past routes and even places visited can be analysed to assist us in identifying the routines and patterns your partner has made. This helps us gather answers for you, knowing where and when they visit a place provides you the power of knowledge to solve the investigation in shorter time frames.

Why Choose Us?

  • For us, our clients' problem is our own and we are 100% empathetic to their concern. This makes us evolve as the most dedicated activists in performing our job and reach to the final objective of the case assigned.
  • We keep our client confidentiality at foremost a priority.
  • Our job is to rightly lead the prudent forensic evidences gathered by us to be used in various circumstance that you require.
  • Our effort always remains towards providing expert advice to our clients.

Our Forensic Investigation service team

Acting as the most preferred and versatile forensic investigation service with offices in Melbourne, Queensland and Sydney, we have a perfectly functional team to answer all types of issues related to your complex investigations.
  • Our team of forensic investigators offer perfect cost-effective, full-proof solutions in all the aspects of forensic interventions.

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