Private Investigation


“Heartbreakers” your best decision for a private investigator service!"

Taking a step in the private investigation world, it's nothing like the movies. It's about planning, hard work and building up your skills to deliver the dedicated results required.

Due to our unmatched excellence and result oriented mindset, heartbreakers are the best private investigation company in Australia, call us and see the difference. Heartbreakers have been trained in both on ground and technical investigations, our investigation and surveillance skills are amongst the most emergent investigation work spread all across Australia.

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Private Investigation, we help

We resolve and we collect the evidence you need.

Heartbreakers Private investigators can assist you with the following private investigation service:-

  • Cheating Spouse or Infidelity
  • Background Checks on individuals, pre relationship screening
  • Surveillance Services across many types of investigations
  • Missing persons investigations
  • Criminal defence, drug and gambling, Domestic violence order breaches
  • Search for listening devices
  • Civil Investigations
  • Domestic Investigations

Why Hire Us?

  • Specialised training
  • We have the complete access to various databases that are generally unavailable to the general public.
  • Licensed in all states and territories.
  • Private Investigator Luke Athens armed with verifiable experience since 1996.
  • We have access to some of the best tools and techniques available in the market.
If you are looking for any help in the field of private investigations, get in touch with Luke Athens on 1300 738 400, we are happy to take your call.

All calls taken remain confidential