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Has your partner become protective of their mobile phone?
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Surveillance- The Investigation Art

Surveillance investigations is said to be the art of examining the activities, movement and patterns of a person or an object of interest. This includes things like the observation of behavioural patterns of people, the activities performed by them, the routine followed by them and several other objects or persons associated with them.

Heartbreakers specialize in surveillance investigations specifically around obtaining evidence to assist you gather answers for your relationship, since 1996.

What type of Surveillance can we assist you with?

Surveillance Investigations generally will be applied in 3 different categories.

1. Mobile / Physical Surveillance Investigations

This is where a private surveillance investigator will follow the person of interest in a vehicle and document their movements and patterns, see who they meet with and obtain video evidence of these events and then report back to the client with supporting evidence. Traditionally this is the most common service our clients opt for.

2. Foot surveillance

This is where the private surveillance investigator may need to follow an individual from work that may take public transport to and from destinations. To perfect this service, detailed planning is required due to the close proximity the investigator is placed in. Usually 2 investigators (which is called a 2-up) is applied, this works really well with great outcomes.

3. Digital Surveillance
This is where the investigator analyzes information via digital devices to assist in gathering evidence. Every time you log into your computer, phone or email, a trace is left behind to assist our investigators to identify what your movement, patterns and history of the individual has been conducting. Face book and social media information is valuable especially when dating apps are identified when the person of interest is in a committed relationship.
4. Electronic Surveillance

Electronic surveillance is the most basic first line of defence that can be used for surveillance activities and we make sure to educate our clients on our preliminary electronic surveillance techniques. This helps our private investigators gain intelligence that wouldn't normally be gathered from starting a general surveillance investigation. Electronic surveillance includes vehicle & GPS tracking devices, mobile, PC and laptop details and communication, identifying third parties that are connected to the target and gathering address and name information prior to the commencement of a Surveillance investigation.

Why Hire Us?

Our physical surveillance activities include keeping a close watch on the subject and their activities, maintaining a proper distance with them. This private surveillance investigation technique is mainly used in cases of infidelity, criminal, cheating spouses, missing people and even fraud cases.

Different types of vehicles are used based on the circumstances. Static surveillance and mobile surveillance are of the most common physical surveillance methods followed by foot surveillance.

  • The first and foremost reason to contact us is to take you out of your present trouble situation, let us take care of your problem and have it solved.
  • With vast experience in performing surveillance activities in a number of cases across Australia, we have the right intent of working on varied situations, circumstance, settings and levels of difficulty, no job is too difficult, it just requires more planning.
  • Our private investigators have a higher level of skilled practice in performing modern surveillance, armed with the latest technology.
  • We make sure to keep a close eye on the subject being monitored and gather as much evidence as possible to meet the perfect objectives.
  • Being a highly recommended and professionally Police licensed surveillance investigator service provider with operating offices in Melbourne, Queensland and Sydney, we have a large network to ensure you are covered.
  • You get what you pay for. In this industry price reflects the experience the investigator has.

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